My Thoughts on the iPhone SE Rumors

I used to be vehemently against the idea of larger smartphones. I thought that a 4 inch display was the perfect size to use in one hand and that really mattered to me. I didn’t think a bigger screen would be better in any way.

Then I bought my iPhone 6. And quickly began to love it. The larger screen does help with many things, including making the keyboard bigger, making watching videos better, and making games easier to control. The small tradeoff in one handed usability was not a big deal as a lot of things were made better with a bigger display.

But now that Apple is (according to multiple rumors) planning to release a new iPhone with a 4 inch display, I am stuck wondering why. I mean, choice is nice, but I don’t think many people would want a smaller phone after using a bigger one for a week. In addition, the new phone isn’t even going to be on par with the iPhone 6S-it won’t have 3D touch, and it won’t have the dramatically improved cameras. Unless you are going to make it great, why make it at all?

I don’t know the answer to that question. What I do know is that I was the target audience for the iPhone SE. I loved my smaller phone. But I was wrong.

Updated 3/7 with most up to date rumored name of product.


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