Thoughts on American Idol Top 10 Week

Before I begin with my predictions, I just want to say that Kelly Clarkson was the highlight of this episode. I got teary after her last live performance on Idol, and I never cry for TV shows or movies. Not to mention she was an amazing guest judge. She was funny, smart, and everything a judge should be. It sucks that we can’t have her every week because as she said, she’s “slightly knocked up” and due to give birth in 7 weeks.

Now, to the performances. Before the top 10 performance episode aired, I only had one favorite. Now I have three. But that’s not to say that the entire top 10 is amazing. There were three performances that just were not good enough, and two more that were mediocre at best.

This list is ordered with my least favorite performance of the week at 10 and my favorite at 1. After the list, I’ll rank the contestants based on how I think they will place.

10) Gianna Isabella – Song choice alone ruined Gianna’s performance. Listen has been done so many times on X Factor UK by so many more talented vocalists that Gianna was naturally going to pale in comparison. The judges were right that it felt calculated. And she didn’t even attempt the big note after the bridge. This performance proved Gianna just isn’t ready.

9) Tristan Mcintosh – Tristan started out as one of my favorites. But she hasn’t lived up to her first audition. And this week, again, wasn’t good enough. I wish Idol would still be around in a few more years so Tristan could try out again later when she learns more about her voice. The judges and producers love her though so she’ll be around for at least a few more weeks.

8) Lee Jean – This week was an improvement for Lee, but honestly it wasn’t enough for him to overcome the shushing the audience or the fact that there are better singers with the same style (MacKenzie) in this year’s top 10.

7) Avalon Young – I like Avalon. She has a nice style and is pretty unique. But this week wasn’t her strongest. The song choice wasn’t great and she didn’t really get into it until the second half. So I’m placing her at number 7.

6) Trent Harmon – Trent is talented. But I feel like he wasn’t at his best this week. The vocal was too frantic for my tastes. Having said that, he’s a producer favorite and the love from the judges should keep him around for a while longer.

5) Dalton Rappattoni – Dalton will probably win this season, as much as it pains me to say it. His vocal isn’t great. Having said that, this week he made me enjoy a performance of Hey There Delilah, a song I absolutely loathe. So I guess he wouldn’t be the worst winner ever.

4) MacKenzie Bourg – He’s smart-he picks great songs, he is a great writer, and he knows what to do with an arrangement. But MacKenzie’s problem is that his vocal isn’t as strong as it needs to be for him to win the show.

3) Olivia Rox – Olivia is my favorite this season and I hope she wins. Her vocals can be amazing at their peak. And her duet with David Cook was my performance of the season so far. But this week, she was clearly third best. It sucks, because she went first and was totally overshadowed by La’Porsha and Sonika.

2) Sonika Vaid – Sonika just put herself back in the running this week. The vocal was stunning as always, but she also somehow figured out how to perform the song and make me feel something. I really hope she continues to perform well, because the vocal is always flawless.

1) La’Porsha Renae – La’Porsha stole the show. Kelly flat out declared her the winner, and nobody dared to disagree. The vocal was great, the song choice was great, everything was great. My one concern is that she hasn’t shown herself to be too marketable. I hope she can prove she fits because she is extremely talented.

My predictions:

  1. Dalton Rappattoni
  2. La’Porsha Renae
  3. Olivia Rox
  4. MacKenzie Bourg
  5. Sonika Vaid
  6. Trent Harmon
  7. Tristan McIntosh
  8. Avalon Young
  9. Lee Jean
  10. Gianna Isabella

My dreams:

  1. Olivia Rox
  2. La’Porsha Renae
  3. Sonika Vaid
  4. Everyone else in whatever order

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