Hey Siri, can you help explain why Apple held an event today?

While the Apple event today was happening, I was really enjoying it. Apple played up its history, showing a video to open the event covering the 40 years of innovation. Apple turns 40 on April 1st, something I totally forgot about. Tim also mentioned that this was the last event ever to be held in their original campus theater, before Apple moves to the spaceship campus in 2017. The section on environmental responsibility was great PR, as was the announcement of CareKit. Also, Apple introduced some nice stuff today. The smaller iPad Pro in particular is a great, albeit overpriced, addition to the iPad lineup. The iPhone SE is shockingly premium, with the full 6S featureset minus 3D Touch and a better FaceTime camera, and was priced more aggressively than expected at $400. The new watch bands are insignificant to me, but the $50 price cut will probably move some more units. And I love tvOS 9.2 with dictation and iCloud Photo Library support.

But then, after just 63 minutes of announcements, Tim Cook abruptly ended the event. And I was left slightly disappointed. No new Mac stuff at all, despite the availability of new processors and a need for USB C to be spread across the MacBook lineup. No significant Apple Watch update. No new iTunes yet, despite the words of Eddy and Craig a few weeks ago. This whole event was low on products-25 minutes of updates and only 35 of announcements does not warrant an event, even a small one. Are we spoiled? Yes, unquestionably. But putting that aside, the event was nice but nothing spectacular. I think it might have been better for Apple to just announce the smaller iPad Pro at WWDC or online.

Before I wrap this post up, I have two more quick complaints about the products announced today. First of all, 16 GB of storage isn’t enough anymore, even on an entry level iPhone. Customers know it, Apple knows it, and it’s really obnoxious. Second, why does the smaller iPad Pro have a protruding camera? Not nice when they charge so much for a case to protect it. Okay, I am now done nitpicking.

Watch the full keynote below!


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