Idol Top 3 Reveal Recap/Rankings

Last week on American Idol was hometown visit week, and we got the usual tears and emotional stuff that comes with the top 4 going home and seeing their friends and family. On top of the homecoming tears, this week was the last time Idol was broadcast from their usual studio, and that alone made me sad and nostalgic. Keith Urban performed his new song (which I didn’t hate), and JLo announced that this season’s winner will have a song featured in the soundtrack for the new Ice Age movie.

As far as the actual competition goes: La’Porsha Renae got thrown under the bus by Mentor Scott to my personal despair. Trent Harmon got pimped to high heaven and will probably win this week. Dalton Rappattoni sounded awful but I can’t truly hate him because I love his personality so much. And my previous prediction to win the entire show, MacKenzie Bourg, went home in fourth place.

Now, here are my thoughts on the remaining finalists ahead of this week’s series finale (just typing that makes me sad already). I’m ordering them based on my predictions for who I think will win, not who I want to win (I want La’Porsha to win this thing badly).

  1. Trent Harmon: Trent had another great night. No performance of his this week beat last week’s performance of Chandelier, but it didn’t matter. He clearly has Scott’s backing, and the judges love him, and he’s a white guy with guitar. It doesn’t hurt that he can actually sing. Song choice has been his biggest problem thus far, and this week he had 3 decent to great choices. His range is great, and his reaction to seeing his family visiting him at the studio probably got him a ton of votes. Trent went from being an afterthought to probably being the last American Idol in just two weeks, and I wouldn’t be totally mad if he won.
  2. La’Porsha Renae: La’Porsha is clearly Mentor Scott’s least favorite contestant. He would have no idea what to do with an R&B diva because he runs a country/pop label. So I can’t say I blame him for not wanting to sign her. But I will say that forcing a victim of domestic abuse to sing a song about begging a horrible guy to stay with her is really low and I was totally on La’Porsha’s side for pointing that out. La’Porsha’s performances of Glory (from Selma) and Hello (by Adele), her adorable baby girl, and her hometown visit VT should ensure that she at least finishes as Runner Up. She deserves to win, but even if she doesn’t win, I hope someone else signs her, because she is way too talented to fade into obscurity.
  3. Dalton Rappatoni: Dalton is probably the least talented vocalist to ever make it this far, and his arrangements aren’t even special enough to make up for that fact. He has an amazing personality and good presence. And his fanbase is pretty rabid, being that he comes from a boyband that was getting popular right when he quit. But the vocal just isn’t good enough. Everybody Wants To Rule The World made me long for David Cook’s version of the song. Dancing In The Dark made me long for Bruce Springsteen’s version. And I’d never heard Calling You before but I probably never need to hear it again. The poor vocals and the performances, coupled with the not-very-enthusiastic critiques from the judges makes me believe that Dalton will (deservedly) go home in 3rd place.

Watch my two favorite performances (both from La’Porsha) below:


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