Apple Turns 40

On April 1st 2016, Apple turned 40 years old. And I was thinking about the best way to discuss that on this blog. What I decided was to post videos of the 3 most important product announcements of the last 40 years. Apple’s magic has not just been about their hardware or software, but also how they sell that hardware and software to the general public so effectively. And so here are the 3 most important Apple product announcements:

3: The original iPod – This product changed Apple from a moderately successful computer company into the leading consumer electronics company in the world today. While the iPod is now on its way out (thanks to the number one announcement on this list), it changed the music industry forever and made Apple more than slightly relevant. It made it an industry leader.

2: The Original Mac – Before the Mac, computers were very different. They were pretty elitist. They revolved around command line interfaces. Nobody knew what a mouse was before the first Mac in 1984. The Mac was not the first computer with a mouse, but it was the first one that people could afford. The Mac made computers easy enough to use that all future innovation (including the World Wide Web, desktop video editing, desktop publishing, the list goes on…) would be accessible to everyone, not just the few geeks who could figure things out.

1: The Original iPhone – The iPhone changed everything. Not just for Apple, but for the entire world. Before iPhone, nobody loved their phone. The mobile internet was a joke-totally unusable. Smartphones all had physical keyboards and buttons, and the software wasn’t even close to desktop software. There was no vibrant App community (although that came a year later with iPhone OS 2). Android would not be what it is today without the iPhone. And iPhone changed more than just the tech industry. The video camera on iPhone captured lots of breaking news events that we wouldn’t have known about if someone didn’t record them. Every modern protest movement seemingly revolves around the internet and people using devices like iPhone. So it is easy to say that the iPhone is Apple’s most important announcement yet.


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