Thoughts on the American Idol series finale

First, congratulations to Trent Harmon on being the 15th and final (possibly) American Idol. At first, I was disappointed that La’Porsha lost, as she was more consistent than he was. But now that she has made some homophobic comments, I can say I am happy with the result. Trent has an amazing voice, and if he is given the right material he could do really well. His gorgeous cover of “Chandelier” by Sia and his encore of his winning single “Falling” were my two favorite performances of his.

The finale went by really quick-which never happens for me usually. Only when JLo was performing did I ever look at my watch. I’m going to move on from that performance now because it went on 5 minutes too long and it took time away from the Bowie Tribute with the 5 winning White Guys with Guitars (including my favorites David Cook and Nick Fradiani). If THAT performance was longer, it would have been nice.

Regardless, It was amazing to see so many former contestants come back, and it really proved how great Idol has been at making stars. Highlights included Kelly Clarkson’s pretaped medley, Caleb Johnson and James Durbin dominating the rock medley, Jessica Sanchez killing “The Prayer” again in the acoustic medley, Pia Toscano’s solo and Allison Iraheta coming into the spotlight in the pop medley, and Candice Glover and Melinda Doolittle slaying the end of the soul medley. Carrie Underwood’s duet with Keith Urban was also great.

It was nice to see Simon Cowell return to the show and make fun of Paula again. It was great to see Dunkleman make fun of himself a bit. And Ryan’s speech at the end of the show got me pretty emotional, especially the long pause before he said “For now”. Speaking of said sign off, I hope Idol does come back in two or three years, because I will really miss this show.


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