How to save Nintendo in 3 easy steps

  1. Release the NX this year, and make it a killer mobile/home console hybrid that plays Wii U games as well as a new generation of games. Price it at under $250 and make sure the games do not exceed $30 each.
  2. To fund this new console while having money left over, release lots of virtual console games on iOS and Android app stores. Not new games-make new games exclusive to NX. But old games should be sold on other hardware. If I could buy Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, or Emerald on my iPhone, I’d do it in a heartbeat at any price that’s under $25.
  3. That’s it.

Nintendo executives, take my advice. Don’t be stupid like you have been in the past. Once you get smart, you can all enjoy swimming in your money pond like Scrooge McDuck.



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