And now… The opposite of a favorite thing.

Ok. It’s now time for me to talk about gun control. Before you stop reading this post, let me explain myself. Today, my local mall in Bethesda, Maryland is suffering from a mass shooting. Three people have died so far. The worst part is that life doesn’t have to work this way.

Australia, as John Oliver explains in the piece below, had a horrible mass shooting. Then they instituted really strict gun control. And now they don’t have the epidemic anymore. There are still occasional problems, sure. But it’s not at the same level as we have here. Nowhere is as bad as here.

Every week, we hear about at least one new mass shooting. Most weeks, more than one. And Americans all over this country get angry about it for 10 minutes, and then don’t channel that anger into any form of action. The majority of Americans support gun control of some form according to every poll I’ve seen. Why can’t Congress get something done?

There are many pessimists out there who say that after Newtown happened and no legislation was passed, gun control is a lost cause. My mom is one of them. My only hope is that now that this issue is happening in a rich neighborhood like my hometown, the wealthy people get angry and push to get something done. Let’s face it, our politicians only care about staying in power. Until something threatens re-election chances for them, they won’t change their policy positions.

What needs to be done? I don’t know. Personally, I think the second amendment should be overturned by a constitutional amendment. It was written in the age of armed militias and rifles, not machine guns and tanks. If the government wants to take over your area, they will easily be able to. They have nuclear weapons. Your guns, regardless of how powerful they are, will not stop them. It’s illogical for us to still have laws from that era that have become so outdated.

Realistically, we will always have the second amendment because America is stubborn. So we AT LEAST need tough background checks on guns AND ammunition. We need a waiting period to get a gun. We need to make sure people who have guns are trained on how to use them. We need to limit the amount of ammunition people can buy at a time. We need to ban weapons that are not used for hunting and are solely used to commit murder. All of this stuff is common sense, so why can’t we do it?

Thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s Baltimore Rally

I attended Hillary Clinton’s campaign rally in Baltimore today, and it was an interesting experience. The turnout was larger than anticipated but the venue wasn’t that big-my guess is there were 800-1000 people there.

There were two protestors of some kind at the event who the Hillary supporters successfully drowned out. I know they was successful because Hillary and Representative Elijah Cummings (who endorsed her at the event) had no idea why the crowd was chanting so loudly while Rep. Cummings was speaking.

Hillary gave what I presume was her normal stump speech, but with two Baltimore-specific references thrown in. She endorsed building the Red Line in Baltimore (which made me happy to hear), and she referenced the venue as being owned by Under Amour’s CEO who is using the venue to bring innovation back to Baltimore (or something along those lines).

The speech was good, and it was clearly more of a speech aimed at the general election. She took two jabs at Bernie but I wouldn’t call either of them dirty-they were both policy oriented. Hillary was projecting confidence that she will be the nominee, and the odds suggest that will be the case.

Personally, I am still undecided, but I am leaning more towards Hillary today than I was yesterday. My biggest issue in this campaign actually has little to do with 2016. It’s all about 2020. I want the next President to be great at assisting in down-ballot races and getting Democrats elected to state government too, because that is the only way we can fix the districts that have been drawn to so heavily favor Republican representation. Without making the electoral map more fair, it won’t matter what Hillary or Bernie wants to get done. The House Republicans will block anything as long as they are in power, which they will be until 2022 at the earliest.